In early 2000, I started making basses for myself. I found that a lot of the basses on the market didn't have what I needed and/or wanted. To satisfy my own needs and wants, I would build a bass using the best parts available. Through the years, I have received many compliments on those instruments I've built.

One of the 1st basses I built was with the help of my very good friend, Michael Maggio Jr. (Maggio Music Center). I worked with Mike for over 2 years where I learned and watched Mike Jr. work his magic doing repairs that others wouldn't even attempt.

I would build a bass, gig with it for a while and sell it to build a new bass for myself. I've sold a few of those early project basses on TalkBass.com, an internet discussion group. The buyers had nothing but great things to say about the basses. The great comments that were posted generated a buzz and countless TB members would ask if I would build them a bass.

From 2002-2007, I worked at Sadowsky Guitars in Brooklyn NY in the Shipping Department where I took care of shipping & handling as well as do all final inspections of instruments. From early 2009 until mid 2010 I came back to work as a Builder. I have learned a lot working with Roger Sadowsky & the crew. The level of perfection and absolute attention to every single detail is incredible. Watching the process from pre-production to assembly to the final product has given me the experience and knowledge to build my own basses to a higher standard.

I have taken what I learned from Maggio Music, Sadowsky Guitars, over a decade of gigging and used all that knowledge to build the best possible bass at the best possible price.

I use Aguilar, EMG, Nordstrand and Sadowsky pickups and preamps plus many others. Traditional woods such as Ash, Alder, Maple and Rosewood along with Graphite reinforced necks, quality Hipshot Hardware and world renowned electronics get your vision to reality.

At Valenti Basses, I build classic style basses with modern refinements to build you the best bass for your money. All bassists have a vision of the perfect bass and I can help create that vision.

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