13 Special Run basses
As a small builder, I generally build basses one at a time. Once I receive an order or decide to build a stock bass, I call my suppliers and order what's needed for that bass. This is great since Valenti Basses is a one man operation with limited capital.

I set aside a little bit capital and placed a larger order of 4 and 5 string basses. This helped me bring pricing down on the major components of the basses, which in turn, will help me reduce the selling price.

As an example of the savings for this special run, one of my M21-J4 basses starts at $2200. Buying the components in “bulk” helped me bring down the price to $1700.

Modern Style:
M21-J4 $1700
M21-J5 $1750

Vintage style:
V21-J4 $1750
V21-J5 $1800
(Add $25 for sunburst finish)

Swamp Ash Body w/Maple board
Alder Body w/Rosewood Board
Graphite Reinforced Maple Neck
12” fretboard radius
Spoke wheel Truss Rod
1 1/2" nut width (4 string)
1 7/8" or 1 3/4" nut width (5 string)
6 bolt neck
Protec Gold Series GigBag
Dunlop or Schaller Straplocks
HipShot Hardware
UltraLite Licensed Tuning Gears
KickAss Bridge
Aguilar Electronics
-AG 4J-60 pickups (4 string)
-AG 5J-CL pickups (5 string)
-OBP-1 preamp w/VTC

I am using all the same necks, bodies and electronics as found on my Standard USA made basses along with HipShot Licensed Ultralite tuning gears and HipShot KickAss Bridges. Here is your chance to get one of my basses at an amazing price.

Contact me for more info.

V24-P & S24-P Basses now available...
I am offering my P Styles basses with 24 fret bass. It's has an extended treble contour for easy access to the upper register and it available in 4 string with 34" scale or 5 string with 34" or 35" scale. It will be available with your choice of pickups, preamp, multiple spacing’s at the bridge and nut. Contact me for more info.